Police search for suspect in Richmond strip club shooting

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A shooting outside of a Richmond strip club has police now searching for a person of interest.

Around 1:00 Tuesday morning, several gunshots were heard outside of Manhattan Club on Water Street. Police say four shots were fired into the front door of the club. One of those shots hit an employee inside, in the back of his leg.

Witnesses say shortly after, they saw a man run and get into the passenger side of a red SUV and take off. One witness was able to get the vehicle’s license plate number and a look at the driver, who was a woman.

Police say a few people had been asked to leave the club earlier in the night. Police are now searching for a ‘person of interest’ who they believe may be driving that red SUV.

"[We have] a couple people of interest," says Asst. Chief Bob Mott, Richmond Police Department. "Anytime you have an establishment that sells alcohol where people have been escorted out, we're going to try to run those people down and talk to them because usually those are the people we're looking for."

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the shooting or has any information to give them a call.

The employee, who was shot, was treated at UK Hospital and released.

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