Shots fired during Harrison Co. home invasion

HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A crime alert in Harrison County after shots are fired during a home invasion.

It happened early Friday morning at a home on White Oak Road outside of Cynthiana.

A call to 911 sent Harrison County Sheriff's deputies to the home. A man who lives at the home told dispatchers he heard someone else inside.

"The next thing they hear three shots fired and about three seconds lapse and they hear another shot fired," said Sheriff Bruce Hampton.

He says the first three shots were fired by the homeowner, the next two, by the robber. Those bullets were pulled from the wall of the home after police peeled away the vinyl siding.

Once the robber had fled the homeowner realized what he was missing.

"He found that 300 dollars cash was taken out of his billfold and a nine millimeter Sig pistol was taken," Hampton said.

Police say it's possible the robber thought the home was empty because the homeowner had parked his truck behind the home and no other vehicles were in the driveway.

The sheriff says the homeowner didn't get a good look at the robber but he did tell police he saw a large SUV pulling away from his home after the robbery.
Police say they don't know if the shots fired by the robber were from the gun that was stolen or from another weapon.

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