Man shot at a Lexington park; police search for gunman

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Residents in one Lexington neighborhood are on edge after a young man was shot at a nearby park.

The shooting happened around 5:30 Sunday evening at Duncan Park, which is located near downtown Lexington.

Police canvassed the park for hours and questioned several neighbors but they still do not know who the shooter is.

By sight alone, Duncan Park looks anything but dangerous. But folks living nearby say within the past year, the park has begun to pose serious safety problems.

“There is an issue. A lot of young people go up there who probably have way too much time on their hands and end up getting into things that could be dangerous,” said Stacie Williams, who lives near Duncan Park.

And on Sunday evening, that danger hit close to home.

“We have lived on the block for about a year but nothing like that has happened so close to where we live,” Williams said.

Lexington police say a young man was at the park when he was suddenly shot by an unknown person. Police say he is now in critical condition at a local hospital.

Police say after the victim was shot in the park, two men in a grey sedan sped off down on Johnson Avenue. That’s when neighbors say another man ran after the car and began firing shots. Those shots left bullet holes in three parked cars on Johnson Avenue.

Neighbors say in order for the area to become safer, something has to be done about the problems in the park.

“If there aren’t more things for young people to do then an increased police presence could be helpful.”

But until then, Williams says she and her neighbors will keep a closer eye on the park to hopefully prevent any similar incidents from happening.

Police say there is a possibility that the two men who drove away in a grey car were involved in the shooting.

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