Should it be called Black Friday or Black Thursday?

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Next Friday, bargain hunters will crowd stores all across the Bluegrass looking for all those Black Friday deals.

But if you're one of those shoppers who lines up before sunrise, you'll have to get an even earlier start this year.

With sales starting Thanksgiving night, should it still be considered Black Friday? Places like Walmart are opening hours earlier than they did last year.

With more time to browse the aisles, some early Christmas shoppers are excited about the extended hours.

"I get a lot of good deals, especially with like house stuff. Towels, sheets, and different stuff like that," said Shamia Banks, a Black Friday shopper.

But they also have a different mindset thinking of those who have to work the long hours.

"I do think that they're getting a little too early on cutting into the holiday. The employees want to spend time with their family, so I don't really think that they should open on Thanksgiving," said Teresa Bruner, another Black Friday shopper.

But some say the early hours actually work better.

"It works in my benefit because we are done eating at like two or three, I take my nap, and I usually get my coffee ready for midnight, but now that they've bumped it up at eight at Walmart, it kind of works out," said Banks.

Overall, shoppers who hit up Black Friday every year say they are looking forward to saving money even if that means losing more sleep.

"It's a tradition. I do it every year!" said Bruner.

Walmart will be starting Black Friday sales at eight p.m. on Thanksgiving Day compared to ten p.m. last year. Target opens at nine, and Sears will open at midnight as will Fayette Mall.

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