Showers swing in for Wednesday

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Cloud cover stayed very tough through the day for most across Kentucky. Just a few clear shots of sunshine would have allowed us to climb into the upper 50s. Now we'll have to wait for Wednesday to make a solid run at the upper 50s.

The problem with Wednesday's forecast is that it will feature a rain chances. Rain is usually a welcome site heading into Spring, but we have been so wet... we just need a break! Lucky for us, the showers won't be terrible and more of a nuisance.

Any shower activity we see on Wednesday will be triggered by a cold front that is currently moving across the country. That front has just enough cool air behind it to knock our daytime highs down just a few degrees for Thursday.

Don't you worry too much though, another shot of spring will be on the way for Friday with highs in the low 60s. That's the good stuff! Unless you are a lover of all things winter. For you winter weather lovers out there... snow is in the forecast for next week!

Have a great Tuesday

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