Shuttered window leaves locals curious about home's past

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It's a beautiful home that sits alone as it has since the 1800s.

It's a house that thousands drove by every day until recently when workers moved the 34-27 highway intersection in Garrard County.

Now, the noises of modern day have once again given way to the quiet sounds of its eerie past.

The historic home has a spacious balcony, and many windows. But, it's the one window in the bottom right hand corner of the home, where the shutters are always kept closed.

"I've been living in this area all my life. I've probably been by this house a thousand times at least. And it always catches my eye and I always wonder what the history is of this house," says Dawn Osborne.

She's not alone. Many have their own theory about the home, that once served as a military camp during the civil war.

Alex Page works at the BP gas station across the street. He says people come in a few times a month asking about the home.

"Well, I've heard a few of them actually. Like, there's a woman waiting for her son to come back from the war but never came back. And then I've heard, a little girl supposedly died in there. A car crashed or something and she witnessed it, " says Page.

Others told WKYT that if the shutters are open, there is always a fatality in the area.

"It wouldn't surprise me at all if there were some ghosts in that house. It's just an usual place, a good location. It's bound to have some stories to it," Osborne adds.

WKYT caught up with the man who lives inside, John Stagg to see if he'd be willing to uncover the mystery.

"When I moved in here, late one night...I thought, well, I'm going to see what it's all about. And I took the shutters down and laid them there beside the window. And the next day, there was an accident right here. Nobody got killed and then when I got home from work, the shutters were back up," says Stagg.

Remember the story of the little girl who supposedly died in the room?

"My granddaughter, she's three or four. She said there's a little girl in here. And it kind of raises the hair on the back of your neck," says Stagg.

But could the shutters hide something far less ominous?

"There really is just a staircase behind it. There's nothing to it," says Page.

For those that know the truth, they're not telling much.

"I know the real reason the shutters are closed. I think I'm going to let people's imagination continue, because I don't want to break the secret," says Stagg.

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