Officials: Threat involving a gun was the cause of Simons' lockdown

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FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a tense start to the day after a lockdown at a central Kentucky middle school.

WKYT spoke with the superintendent around noon moments and tells us that a student at the alternative school in Flemingsburg, located next door to Simons Middle School, made a threatening statement. We are told that statement involved a gun and was made when the student was on the bus.

School officials have confirmed for us that a gun was never actually on school grounds, and the middle school was put on lockdown as a precautionary measure because of its proximity.

Of course, it has been a scary morning for everyone involved and just people getting the word that the school was on lockdown.

Now we are told the school has since gone back to its normal routine; however, several students were picked up from school early by their parents. The superintendent says he doesn't know how many students went home.

WKYT talked with a few parents and students as they were leaving the school. One woman told us she was terrified knowing her great niece was inside the building.

Kathy Lopez tells us, "You think it won't happen in a small town but you hear it on the news every day. So we had to come over and make sure everything was alright and figure out exactly what happened."

WKYT was informed that the minor involved is in custody, but the superintendent says he cannot share anymore information on exactly what their investigation entails.

A nearby high school in Flemingsburg also took precautionary measures but did not go into lockdown.

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