Singing cashier at Logan, WV Walmart an instant hit

LOGAN, W.Va. (WYMT/WOWK) - A customer at a Walmart in Logan recorded a video of a cashier doing something that has many people talking.

The video has become a Facebook sensation.

It all started January 25 when a customer posted a video on Facebook of 21 year old cashier Kayla Slone singing at her register. The customer said in a comment on the video that she accidentally deleted the first recording and had to find Slone in the store to get her to sing again.

In the days since the original video was posted it has accumulated thousands of shares.

"I've had people come through my line and they ask for an autograph. They ask me to sing and I start singing," Slone said.

Singing at work isn't a new thing for Slone. Her co-workers are some of her biggest fans.

"If they ask I sing," Slone said. "Whatever makes my fans happy."

She sings at her register, in the employee break room or anytime anywhere someone asks.

Amid the shopping carts and the produce and the Valentines Day displays the cashier is dreaming of making it big. And she is still in disbelief that one of her impromptu performances is attracting so much attention.

"I never thought it would make it that far. I honestly thought that people would see me and enjoy it but as far as it making it that far I never even dreamed," Slone said.

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