Singleton sentenced to 30 years for role in wife's murder

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A man who admitted to playing a role in his wife's murder learned his sentence Friday morning.

Back in May Jason Singleton pleaded guilty to Complicity to Commit Murder, Evidence Tampering and Abuse of a Corpse in the 2011 death of his wife, Angela Frazier-Singleton.

Today a Madison County judge sentenced Singleton to 30 years for the role he played in his wife's death.

In a closing statement of sort, the prosecution said accepting this plea deal was to not benefit Jason Singleton, but rather provide some kind of closure to the family.

They went on to say that the statement of admission from Singleton was cowardly and self-serving, and put him outside the home while Angela Frazier Singleton was murdered inside.

Singleton's co-defense attorney responded to the prosecution's statement. "To go back and call that document cowardly, I don't think is a fair statement. It was not objected to by the Commonwealth to the extent that they refused to let the guilty plea go through when it did," said Jim Baechtold.

Police found the dismembered remains of his wife in a field near Richmond in 2011. In his confession, Singleton blamed his ex-girlfriend Christina Marcum for the murder, saying she killed Angela and then asked him to help her hide the remains.

Singleton maintains that Marcum is the one who killed his wife.

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