Six Laurel Co. juveniles arrested in vandalism of milk delivery trucks

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - In the Borden's lot along US 25 North, Laurel County sheriff's deputies say they found thousands of dollars worth of damage.

"Broke out windows and windshields of at least 10 trucks, damaged computers inside trucks, they vandalized by taking things out of the trucks and throwing them on the ground," said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo.

Acciardo says a worker nearby noticed people in the parking lot shortly after 1:00 Monday morning and called it in. They say they followed tracks from the scene to a nearby home and found a group of suspects they didn't expect.

"We ended up arresting six juvenile males that were ages 8 to 15," Acciardo said.

They charged all six children with criminal mischief and criminal trespassing, then released them to their parents or grandparents. Deputies say that wasn't the only case of vandalism they're investigating. They say they're also looking into another case at East Bernstadt Elementary. Acciardo said someone used a fire extinguisher to damage a school bus. It's about a mile from the other vandalism scene.

"As we investigate this, there may be more charges toward these juveniles and maybe some charges toward the parents for not taking care of their children like they should," Acciardo said.

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