Slick and icy roads cause more accidents in Lexington Friday night

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Emergency crews and tow truck operators stayed busy all day Friday because many drivers kept sliding off the road and crashing.

Side roads and icy interstates made Friday’s morning and evening commute a mess for drivers and caused dozens of car wrecks in several parts of the region.

In Lexington, police worked more than 80 crashes on Friday with one of them involving a fire truck.

“I just left my mother’s house and the whole street was ice, you can’t every push on the brakes,” said Damon Height, driver.

Local tow truck drivers had their hands full as they worked overtime to help clear the messes caused by weather-related accidents.

The slick roads also made driving difficult for first responders.

On Friday afternoon, the icy road conditions caused a fire truck to tip over on Interstate 64.

“They were in route to an accident. This fire truck is a vehicle with tires too and it’s on the same road as the other accidents so you have to be careful,” said Captain Curtis Works of the Lexington Fire Department.

Drivers say road conditions did improve throughout the day on Friday but snow and ice are still stuck on the roads in certain areas.

“All of the big streets are fine but it’s the little small streets that are still slick. But that is understandable; road crews cannot get to those streets. As long as the big streets and interstates are safe then I’m okay,” said Height.

Road crews expect snow and ice to refreeze overnight on Friday and they urge you not to drive if possible.

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