Slightly steamy for Father's Day

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The heat and humidity will slightly increase today. It won't be anything extreme but certainly something you will begin to notice. Just think of today as a day to ease you into what's about to come this week. The air will become very uncomfortable!

A very summer -like pattern will set-up across Kentucky this week. Summer isn't officially here yet. That won't keep the heat away though! It looks like nearly every single day this week will close in on the 90 degree mark. When you factor in the humidity on any day this week you will find the heat index values somewhere between 90-95. That's some nasty stuff coming our way.

You could get "lucky" and find yourself under one of the many showers I expect this week. However, immediately following the shower you will regret ever seeing one. It just makes it feel that much worse!

Happy Father's Day!

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