Slow-going for drivers in southeastern Kentucky

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Traffic is moving smoothly in southern Kentucky now, but that wasn't the case Tuesday morning.

There were no reports of any major accidents, but crews were out monitoring the situation overnight.

There was no escaping the snowy, slushy roads for drivers, even on the primary roads and interstate. The snow started sticking to I-75 as we drove into Rockcastle County, and continued to as we arrived in London. Despite the covered highway, interstate drivers kept to two lanes for several miles at a time, even when the road widened to three lanes.

Plows were out in force along all the major roads in each county we passed through, though, driving even after they spread salt and cleared the lane was slow. Heading east on the Hal Rogers Parkway to Manchester, we found about an inch of snow pulled some business owners out early to clear off parking lots for customers.

Nearly an hour to the south, in Williamsburg, there was barely a dusting.

We did catch up with one driver passing through Mount Vernon from Somerset who said he had to take things slow because of the condition of the road.

"There was a lot of ice this morning when I got out, of course it was before daylight when I got up. There's some ice, some slush on the sides. I've noticed, I got over a couple times and it was a little slick, so it's best to stay on the main road if you can," said Tony Meece.

We talked to the London post of the Kentucky State Police several times throughout the morning. They said they had a pretty quiet start with no reports of weather-related accidents.

Several other drivers we spoke to in Mount Vernon said some secondary roads were still slick through the late morning hours.

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