Small businesses experiencing salt scarcity

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One local landscaping business actually called into our newsroom to talk about how difficult in can be to get salt this time of year to meet the customers demands.

As their name implies, their business works year-round, and not just on lawns, but on other projects too.

"Like the parking lot here, I think it's like...I'm guessing is like 2000 pounds," said Stefano Slone, with All Seasons Lawn Care, pointing at the restaurant parking lot.

Slone says their jobs have become increasingly difficult, because of the high demand for salt.

"Just can't find the salt. Everybody's got salt on hold, you can't get it. We've called several different counties to find salt, we got bag salt right now," Slone said.

The central Kentucky business has had to adapt, like many local agencies that normally don't rely on the bag salt to do the job.
Even thought the salt scarcity has booted one truck in their fleet off the roads for now, Slone says they'll do what it takes to survive the dry spell and provide for their customers.

Slone says the load that they were using to salt the Texas Roadhouse parking lot came all the way from Louisville.

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