Smartphone app to help battle DUIs in Kentucky

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Some lights are nice to see during the holiday season, but police lights not so much.

"We understand that people, during the holidays, are going to go out and have a good time. But we want to give them every tool possible so they have a safe holiday," said Trooper Kendra Wilson of the Kentucky State Police.

Now that tool is just a touch away.

"The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and the Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement agencies created a free, easy to use, and kind of fun app."

The Drive Sober Kentucky app comes equipped with a quick touch call to the nearest State Police post should you see a driver under the influence or need to report a crime. However, they caution that if it is an actual emergency you should still call 911.

"During the holidays, the Kentucky State Police has a huge increase in our call volume. So we want to make it as simple for the public as possible to get in touch with us," explained Wilson.

The app is also designed to be educational with DUI laws and penalties, along with a calculator to estimate the alcohol in your system based on number of drinks compared to gender and weight.

"Just about everyone has a smart phone nowadays and this makes it easier for the public to use this tool to be more informed," said Wilson.

The app even has a simulator to show what it looks like to be impaired after a few drinks to a large number of drinks.

"Hopefully that type of tool we have will help the public make wiser choices, so that they are not out driving under the influence," said Wilson, adding that the app also has a list of cab companies that are near you.

"We want people to have a good holiday, but just be safe."

So bring on the holiday cheer, just be sure to bring some common sense along too.

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