Smoke detector campaign in Pike Co. growing

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Fire officials in Pike County are determined to equip as many homes as possible with smoke detectors. Randy Courtney with the Pike County Firefighters Association says, " The original 250 from the Fire Marshal's office have already been distributed out."

Fire officials say they are not stopping there. Courtney explains, "Ordered more last week, another 250 and they are being paid for by a couple corporations. Also, Kidde is looking at matching the 250 we ordered and they are going to send us another 250."

The motivation behind this effort comes from a fire that officials say they will never forget...the January 9th Pike County fire that killed 4 children and their father. Courtney says,"It is still fresh on our minds and we are not letting it die down we are keeping it alive, we are constantly talking about it and smoke detectors."

Fire officials say since that deadly January 9th fire they receive phone calls daily from people who need smoke detectors. People like Virginia Staton who received a smoke detector and says she now feels safe in her home, "I am just so proud to get that, it is a life saver, I love it!"

Courtney says, "We can make these houses and pike county as safe as possible, we don't want to see the thing about 4 children burning...we don't want to see any one person burn up again." With the community support and donations... fire officials say more folks in pike county will feel safe in their homes.

Officials say if you need a smoke detector, you can contact your local fire department and they will put you on the list. As more smoke detectors come in, they will distribute to those on the list.

If you or your business would like to contribute contact Randy Courtney at Pikeville Fire Department Station #1 or you can send donations to the following address:

Pike County Firefighters Association
P.O. Box 981
Pikeville, Ky. 41502

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