Snow causes nearly a hundred accidents throughout county

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's Fayette County's first real "taste" of winter, and the weather had drivers struggling to get from point A to point B on Friday. Even making it difficult ofr emergency personnel.

Late Thursday night, A Lexington Police officer lost control of her cruiser and ended up in the median near the Richmond Road overpass. The accident resulted in the road being closed for hours.

Early Friday morning a head on crash on Loudon Ave sent two people to the hospital with minor injuries. "Since about 6:00 AM we've responded to about 74 reports of accidents," explains Lt. Raymond Roller with the Lexington Police Department, "lucky, only five were injury accidents. They've been throughout the city and most of them related to icing over particular parts of the road."

On Fontaine Road and Dinsmore, by Henry Clay High School, drivers got stuck on a hill, not being able to go up or down. "It doesn't matter if you have a sedan or a 4-wheel drive truck, if you're on ice you're not moving," explains Lt. Roller.

Slick roads are also to be blamed for drivers sliding all over the road on Man O' War and Old Higbee Mill Road, causing accidents all morning.

"The first thing you need to do when you start up your car before you operate your motor vehicle is to make sure your all your windshields are clear," explains Lt. Roller, "and that you can see through your windows, visibility is key in weather like this. Also, beware that bridges are more likely to be iced over so if you're going over an overpass be extra careful."

The Street and Roads Department was out all moving de-icing roads and bridges. They tell WKYT that they plan to be out all day to make sure the roads are safe.

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