Snow causing treacherous road conditions in Scott County

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- In Georgetown, the winter storm brought mainly rain Friday evening, but things were a lot different just six miles north.

Just north of exit 129 on I-75 is where you really began to see the switch over from rain to snow.

In Sadieville, the side roads and main roads were already blanketed with wet snow.

We caught up with a man who was driving from Cincinnati to Nicholasville. He described the road conditions on I-75 as treacherous at some points, especially in Northern Kentucky, he also said that snow and slush covered at least one lane of traffic during the entire duration of his drive.

He says Friday night's trip took him twice the amount of time than it normally does, but he didn't mind taking it slow.

"40 to 45 miles per hour the whole time, sometimes slower than that depending on the traffic because with a cluster of traffic you got to slow down," said William Miller.

Road crews tell us that Friday night's snow is a wet snow, which will thankfully make it much easier for them to plow.

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