Snow days adding up for Scott County schools

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) The nearly 9,000 students in the Scott County School District have already used 11 of the13 snow days planned for the school year.

With more winter weather on the way, school officials say they may have to make up for even more snow days.

The last day of school in Scott County will be June 4.

Before the snow and ice hit they were scheduled to get out May 16.

Superintendent Patricia Putty says when students headed back to school Monday morning a bus had to be towed because it got stuck in a snow drift.

She says the students on the bus were late but they still made it to class.

She says missing this many days of school because of weather isn't the norm.

She believes if they continue canceling school they may have to keep students in class until the second week of June.

Putty also says if it gets much worse, the General Assembly may step in and waive some of the hours needed to finish out the school year.

While what will happen is still uncertain, Putty says having so many starts and stops at school is certainly hurting students' education.

"My concern is the interruption in instruction. We would be in school for a day, two days and then miss a couple of days. The inconsistency is detrimental to our instructional practices," she said.

Putty says they'll be waiting to see what the weather and legislators do.

She says if they need to, they'll ask the school board to update the calendar in March or April.

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