Snow keeps people busy in Whitley County

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WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - The Whitley County Road Department stayed busy during the latest round of snow. Road Engineer Jim Bates says the southern part county was the hardest hit. He says four inches of snow collected near Williamsburg and more snow fell near the state line.

Martha Jarboe spent the afternoon clearing off her driveway. She lived in the county for 20 years and doesn't remember a winter like this, but doesn't mind it.

"I love it. It's good. Kids love it," said Jarboe.

Hobert Cox and Jordan Fuston did mind the snow. Their road was covered in snow and their car couldn't make the trip. They ditched their car that night and had to walk to it in the afternoon.

"We couldn't make it up the road because it was so bad," said Cox.

Road crews credit the sun for helping them do their job on Thursday.

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