Snow leads to another long day for Lexington road workers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials with Lexington Streets and Roads say while they are not worried about running out, they are actively working to conserve salt.

The salt barn in Lexington is currently half full. City officials say they have 3,800 tons of salt on hand and another 3,000 tons on the way.

Snowy roads caused a traffic headache Monday morning. Police say there have been fewer than two dozen accidents. At least one person was injured as a result of a crash.

Lexington Streets & Roads officials say streets were slippery because they weren't prepared to see this much snow. They say they worked five 24-hour days last week and were planning to finally take a break - and then the snow started falling last night. Road officials say now it's all hands on deck and they will be working around the clock.

"We're finishing up with our priority roads. The side roads are looking pretty good. We've been concentrating on schools and school bus routes since early this afternoon. Of course we got a jump on it last night when it started and continued to work the main roads on through the night and into the morning," says Rob Allen, with Lexington Streets and Roads.

Several counties across the state have already run out of salt. Those counties are now using other means, like gravel, to treat roads.

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