Snow makes for tricky travel just west of Lexington

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Almost as soon as the snow started dropping just west of Lexington, the crashes started piling up.

It started sleeting and snowing in Woodford and Franklin County around 6 p.m. on and off. What our crews saw on their way in was that both snow and cars were piling up in this weather. Saying it caused travel trouble for drivers along I64 is an understatement.

"I was heading to Louisville to get back to where I go to school, and the roads are just tips bad for my comfort level," Lucas Mills, a driver, told WKYT.

Wreck after wreck, slide off after slide off, Kentucky State Police on scene commented that sleet is to blame, not the snow, for most of the headache.

"I had a lot of trouble seeing the white lines, and it's also looking a little deep because of some of the precipitation falling," another driver, Ron Grace, told us.

After seeing what others were unsuccessfully plowing through, some drivers decided to put their trips to a halt at a rest area before they wound up in a ditch like others.

"That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid right now. I was in a wreck about one year ago in weather like this, and I want to avoid another one of those," Lucas continued.

Making it home in time for the Super Bowl just wasn't worth the slippery risk for them.

"I planned to be home by the time the game started or at least by the end of the first half. But now I'm glad I'm out on the road," Grace said.

The morning commute also looks like it'll make for tricky travel.

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