Snow plow drivers working long hours in Rowan County

It's been a long day for snow plow drivers around the area. Road workers in Morehead tell us they had their hands full on Tuesday morning. They expect to be busy into the night.

"When it starts snowing like it was earlier, it's hard to keep it off," says snow plow driver Jerry Zeigler.

On a day when the snow stacks up, a plow truck can be a welcoming sight.

"It's actually coming off good right now," says Zeigler.

For drivers like Zeigler, the snow can be an unwelcoming sight, especially after it covers what they've already treated.

"It's been 'catch up.' It came down on us so hard, even after we plowed we'd have to go right back over the same place over and over to get it down to the blacktop," says snow plow driver Todd Plank.

Tuesday night doesn't promise to be much better.

"Black ice. That's the worst," says Zeigler.

These drivers have been busy. Many of them starting at midnight and all of them working 12 hour shifts.

"It's been a long shift," says Plank.

It takes a toll on the driver and the equipment.

"All of our lights and plow bolts and stuff, make sure nothing's loose on it," says Plank.

These drivers are working hard and will keep going. It's just going to take some time.

"You just have to really stay alert," says Zeigler.

The State Police post in the area say they've had numerous calls of drivers sliding off roadways.

Conditions were so difficult for much of eastern Kentucky that crews in Morgan County had to shut down Highway 519, so the salt could activate and help melt the snow.

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