Snow shuts down schools, creates traffic troubles in Fayette County

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Lexington was blanketed with snow and freezing temperatures Tuesday causing travel troubles and leading to dozens of closings and delays.

Fayette County schools have already canceled for Wednesday.

Lexington police tell us they have worked more than 120 weather related crashes as of late Tuesday afternoon. 112 were non-injury, 9 were injury crashes.

Several crashes were reported on Interstate 75 in Lexington including an over-sized load hauling a mobile home that jack-knifed closing the northbound lanes for hours.

Most main roads have improved, but slick spots remain. Many side streets and neighborhoods remain snow covered and are slick and hazardous.

“It’s when you get off those onto the side roads and subdivisions with hills where we are encountering problems,” Allen said.

One of the biggest problems road crews encountered on Tuesday was drifting snow on back roads. “We would clean up a road and the wind would blow snow right back on it again.”

Unfortunately, there's only so much these road crews can do once temperatures dip down below 15 degrees because at that point the salt becomes ineffective on roadways.

“A lot of the roads have salt down already so it either needs certain amount traffic for the temperatures to raise a little to be effective.”

Police and city officials are asking people to stay home if they don't need to be out.

People in need of emergency shelter at any time can go to the Hope Center for Men at 360 West Loudon Avenue, the Salvation Army for Women and Children on West Main Street, or the Arbor Youth Services MASH Drop Inn Emergency Shelter for children 0-17 years-old on West Third Street.

The weather conditions have already caused dozens of school districts to cancel classes for Wednesday.

Offices for the city of Lexington will be working on a two-hour delay on Wednesday, opening at 10 a.m.

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