Soldier surprises children at school assembly

Major Jonathan Kovach has been away from his family for eight months, serving with the US Army in the Middle East. Major Kovach made a special point to take leave this weekend to surprise his two young children at their school in Georgetown.

"I want to be here for my son's first communion," explained Major Kovach, "it's very exciting. Very important to him. And so I wanted to be here for him."

Friday, his kids filed into the sanctuary for an assembly. They knew they were there to celebrate the school's recycling efforts - St. John's in Georgetown is one of the top in the nation when it comes to recycling.
But Ellie and Nathan Kovach didn't know they were celebrating their father's homecoming too.

"I'm excited. I'm real excited to just see them. And just be a family for a few days," Major Kovach said.

He'll complete his service abroad, and be home for good, in August.

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