'Solidarity Run' in Lexington to honor victims of Boston tragedy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Keith Cunningham is 60-years old and trying his best to outrun father time.

"I'm alive that's the only way to describe it," Cunningham said. "I've been running 47 years now and I've logged a little over 105,000 miles."

That's about three times around the globe. Now, Cunningham has another reason to run. He and his running mates have organized a Solidarity Run on Saturday. The race is taking place in honor of tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

"This is just a run this is for us to send a message and the message is we still run."

The Lexington running community is considered by some as tight knit.

"There were 12 runners that we know of from Lexington that were there," said Cunningham. "When you see something like that and you know people you know are there, it's kind of scary. So, this is our way of saying pushing back."

The Solidarity Run is set to take place in a six mile loop around the Lexington reservoir. Cunningham says its not about raising money for a particular cause, but about putting their best foot forward for runners here and across the nation.

"We will put back together the feeling of the community again."

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