Tough winter hurting some small businesses

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) For the past few weeks Laura Sheehan, the owner of Full Circle Market in Winchester, has been making most of her sales over the phone.

As she ended a phone call with a customer, she said, "That lady was calling because before she sends her friends here she wanted to make sure we had everything we needed because of the weather."

She says when customers dig out after a winter storm and make it into the store, they clear the shelves.

"People will come in and they're finally able to get out and they'll buy everything on the shelf so it's been challenging for us," Sheehan said.

She says winter weather has also made restocking shelves a challenge.

"We've had suppliers from the Chicago area whose orders have been delayed two and three days because they're unable to get to work and send things out," she said.

Clark County road officials say the hard winter has also been hard on roads and their budget.

Road crews say keeping streets clear of snow and ice has cost them $28,000 of overtime.

Road officials say drivers will still see some issues with streets once warm weather hits.

They say because they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on overtime, they will have to cut back on road maintenance projects they had planned for the spring.

Sheehan says the bottom line is this winter has been bad for business.

"Our sales have slowed down. We’ve noticed days where there are lulls in customers,” she said.

Sheehan says even though business is slow, they are still in good shape because the new year brought them some new customers.

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