Some searching for ways to watch Final Four

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "I personally have found it really inconvenient. I mean, I wind up calling my brother to find out what station this games on, and what station that game is on," said Cats fan Ray Popovich, when we asked what he thought about the programming switch.

The network switch for the Final Four stems from a 14-year deal between major networks that puts the semi-final games on TBS this year and next.

Some we've talked to who are either calling in, or just on the street, say putting the game on a cable network makes it hard for those without cable to watch the Cats in action.
Popovich says fortunately, it's not an issue for him, and he'll be keeping with the tradition that he's held all season long.

"I'm gonna go and watch it with my 85-year old mother. Because she is a nutcase when the Wildcats are concerned," Popovich said.

If you are unable to watch it at home, at least here in Lexington, there will more than likely be plenty of viewing options between sports bars and restaurants staying open late. Even some movie theaters are showing the game for free on the big screen.

According to the Kentucky Theater's website, the game between UK and Wisconsin will be showing in the State Theatre, and the admission is free.

Movie Tavern also told WKYT they'll be showing the game on at least on theater. Tickets are free and will be distributed beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday.

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