Somerset apartment residents upset over mess left by May fire

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been more than two months since fire damaged unit 707 at the Beecher House.

"I’m wondering if it's healthy to live here,” said 7th floor resident Deneen Deihl.

Deihl lives next door to that damaged unit and says some signs of that May fire are still clearly visible, as our camera was able to show. Such as soot on a stairwell window sill, soot smeared on walls, and baseboards missing from the walls, left stacked up in the hallway. She said some residents were having troubling maneuvering around the obstacles.

“(They should) at least hire a maid or cleaning crew to come in and get soot off the walls..make sure there's no mold and wash the floors down,” she said.

The Beecher House management told WKYT that residents have the right to be mad, blaming problems on insurance adjuster issues.

"But I believe that is on them. They could have more compassion on tenants,’ Deihl said.

And she says since the fire there's been constant problems with the a multi-story unit largely occupied by elderly and disabled people. She says this past week it went five days without repairs.

“The elevator, even before the fire gets broke off and on. Jammed in between floors,” she said.

The elevator was fixed Thursday and delays were blamed on problems with the repair company. The manager says they realize they've made mistakes..on various issues...and are working to correct them.

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