Somerset man knocked down by "huffing" subject in church parking lot

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - It was mid-day mass at Somerset’s St. Mildred’s Catholic Church Monday, when the victim of the hit and run, who asked that we not show his face, noticed a man inside a car, that he thought needed help.

“A couple of ladies came in and said ‘there’s a man out there in the car…looks like he’s having seizures,’” said the victim from his Somerset home.

He went out to help…and noticed the man sitting in the car, “huffing” on something.

“I said ‘shut the engine off,’he said ‘no,’ I said, ‘well…I’m going to call the police then,’” he said.

That’s when the driver took off…with the car door still open, and the victim in the path of the reverse headed car.

“He slammed me on the pavement and I hit my head,” he said pointing to a bandage that’s covered the top part the 84 year old man’s head.

And off the driver went, with the suspicion being that while he was at the church, he was up to no good.

“I’m going to prosecute him as far as I can. For his benefit. Because I love the guy. He’s my brother. And he’s in trouble. And I don’t want him in trouble,” he said.

Right now the only description police have is a silver Hyundai driven by a man with dark, curly hair. Police say if he is caught he could face charges of wanton endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident. Police also say he so wrecked into another car, leaving it with minor damage.

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