Somerset players making progress week after wreck

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been a little more than a week since a trip home from a Thursday football practice nearly took the lives of two Somerset teens. Police say Will Hinton and Jacobi Gilmore were t-boned by a semi, and Will wasn't wearing his seat belt.

"It just broke my heart to see it (the car), it's just amazing that he's walking this Earth," said Mark Messamore, who is close with Will and says the teen has had surgery to repair his broken pelvis.

On top of that, the teen is also healing from a broken jaw and other facial fractures, but in spite of the broken bones it hasn't broken the boy's spirit.

"He's having a little bit of a hard time talking, right now, with that broken jaw. So, he don't talk much, but Will's the same old Will, still cracking jokes, being Will, which is a great thing to see," described Messamore.

Today the family got even better news, "He's getting to go home! Getting to go home and see all of his guys and his friends, he's really happy."

While Will and his family are getting the good news that he's going home, today, his football coach tells me that his teammate and buddy in the car, Jacobi Gilmore, was moved to Cardinal Hill, yesterday. That's where he'll continue his rehab.

"It's a miracle. Both of them should be gone," said Messamore.

Both of the teens will have a long road to recovery, but Messamore believes the training and attitude that Will carries over from the football field will help him heal quicker off of it.

"The way he's prepared for football is probably a good thing to prepare him for the rest of his life getting better and stronger and all of that."

Messamore said Will is set to return next Thursday to have his broken jaw and facial fractures repaired. He went on to say that tonight is a home game for the Somerset Briar Jumpers, and Will hopes to make an appearance, but Messamore says if the teen is still feeling sore and tired he might opt to rest.

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