Southern Kentucky families take advantage of special grocery cart

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Some southern Kentucky families are having a much easier time going to the grocery store. The families have special needs children. Until now, going to the store was almost impossible.

For Ryan Gray, a simple trip to the grocery store is never simple.

"Beforehand, me and my wife would never be able to come at the same time, if we did we'd have to get separate carts," says Gray.

That's because Ryan's 6 year old son Logan is Autistic. He's easily over stimulated and a traditional shopping cart just cannot keep him contained.

"He is actually being pretty good today but some days, he is wild and he doesn't like to sit in those carts," Gray continues.

The Grays learned of Caroline's Cart, which has straps and buckles similar to what's found in a car seat.

"More of a convenience factor. They can bring them into to the store without laying them down in one of the traditional baskarts. They can actually sit up and look around," Sandra Barrett, a Corbin Kroger employee tells us.

Shopping carts are designed with children in mind, but there's something about Caroline's Cart that benefits more than just kids. The seat is much larger than a traditional child's seat, meaning even adults can use it.

Another shopper with an adult special needs person said the cart was a life changer.

"She said it was the easiest shopping experience she ever had."

For Ryan Gray, it's just one small thing that makes such a big difference.

Both Corbin Kroger stores have one Caroline Cart, but managers say they'll get more if there's demand for it.

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