Police in Whitley County looking for ATM destroyer and thief

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKTY) - A crime alert in southern Kentucky. Police need your help finding a burglar they say has been destroying ATMs.

In the last few weeks police in Whitley County say they've had multiple reports of someone breaking into convenience stores and breaking open ATMs to get the money inside.

The Whitley County Sheriff says in more than 40 years of law enforcement he's never seen anything like this.

Police believe a man is targeting ATMs all over this area from Corbin in Whitley County all the way down to Jellico, Tennessee.

Police say the thief is breaking into stores, then taking a sledgehammer or a maul to ATM machines.

Police say he even got away with 87 cartons of cigarettes at a store in Goldbug.

What's bizarre is that this is by no means a smash and grab, the thief is inside the stores for at least 12 to 15 minutes.

Major Rob Jones of Corbin Police says, "It is brazen. He does not seem scared. The amount of time it takes to actually get into an ATM, he is going to get caught. Somebody is going to catch him. He is going to miss an alarm or he is going to set an alarm off. The police are going to catch him. It's going to happen."

Police believe the thief is about 6 foot 2, about 230 pounds. Police say they don't have a lot of leads and are asking for your help.

Police say the suspect has caused around $20,000 in damage to the ATMs, and they say he's stolen thousands of dollars.

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