Southern Ky. auction house focus of new reality TV show

GRAY, Ky. (WKYT) - The family business has been around for more than 60 years, but a friend had a feeling that this small part of Kentucky could be destined for big things.

“He knew a TV producer and he’s like ... I’m going to send in some clips of this. This is hilarious,” said the younger Sammie Isaac about the encounter that led to the show.

Not long after came a call from a man claiming to be a TV producer.

“Well...the funny part is we about hung up on the guy because we thought it was a scam, hey we’re going to put you on TV,” Isaac said.

The call was legit and before long "Kentucky Bidders" made it onto the small screen.

The show simply focuses on the weird and crazy things sold at Sammie’s Auction House, like elephant art paintings.

“The elephant paintings... my son didn’t know what they were. How often do you see elephant paintings? Around here? None,” said the older Isaac.

The show on Tru-TV is into its 3rd week.

“They said what happened to us, it like hitting the lottery back to back. First of all that they saw us and liked us, the second is that it went straight to series and not a pilot,” said the younger Isaac.

The Isaacs say it’s definitely helped their business but they’re prouder still of what it’s done for the Corbin area.

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