Southern storm affecting flights at Blue Grass Airport

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Millions of people across the deep south are bracing for what forecasters are calling a catastrophic winter storm.

Freezing rain and snow could cause thousands of power outages in several states and hundreds of flights heading into and out of those states to be delayed.

More than 18,000 Atlanta-based flights were canceled for Wednesday and Thursday including Delta flights from Lexington's Blue Grass Airport.

Early flight cancellations are not expected to have an impact on anyone traveling to see the UK men's basketball game in Alabama Wednesday night but could affect travel home for many fans if the weather persists.

There are plenty of flights coming in and going out of Blue Grass Airport Wednesday, but any flights dealing with Charlotte or Atlanta keep coming up canceled on the departure and arrival board.

Most travelers we talked to who had plans to head to either Charlotte-Douglas Airport or Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport probably didn't even bother showing up this morning, as flight after flight on the departure board to both locations came up canceled.

The severe winter weather to our south didn't ruin everyone's plans. Nicole McCann and her two children have a direct flight to Florida, bypassing the storm.

"Especially with it being their first flight, I want everything to go smoothly. And so, I would, I'm just glad we don't have to go through there and try to catch a connecting flight and possibly miss that. That way we can just get there and enjoy the sun," McCann told us.

The airports communication director told us, fortunately, a lot of people whose flights were canceled saw ahead of time, so they didn't have to come to the airport and wait.

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