Spay/Neuter clinic looking for new home

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HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - A Harrodsburg spay and neuter clinic may have to move to a new facility.
They say they're being forced out of their office they've been in since 2007 and it’s happening right in the middle of kitten breeding season.
As head Veterinarian of "Critters Without Litters" Melinda Davis knows the importance of spay and neuter.
"Our goal would be that shelters are only a place to go when they're lost,” said Davis. “We want it so that it’s where you go to look for your pet, not where to go to look for a pet."
But, the work they do here at the clinic in Harrodsburg is threatened by an increase in rent, which has gone from $300 a year to $6,000.
It's much more than the non-profit can afford, according to Critters Without Litters Director, Malia Toon.
"If they don't want us here, we need to go ahead and move,” said Toon. “Right now, it's a really critical time because it's kitten season. We need to find a new home to spay and neuter."
Neuter surgeries take place every week and now the clinic is looking for a new permanent facility.
They also need new equipment so they can afford to offer spay and neuter surgeries for $35-70.
"It's really critical,” she said. “We need to find a home and medical equipment and donations. Not sure why. But, all we know is we need to help these animals."
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