Spree of burglaries in Jessamine County

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A string of over night burglaries has the Jessamine county Sheriff's Office warning folks to lock their car doors and close their garage.

"It's around that time of year again where we see an increase in these crimes," explains Jessamine County Deputy Sheriff Anthony Purcell, "and this morning we had multiple calls from subdivisions all over Jessamine County about car and garage break-ins."

Sheriff Purcell says the crime spree mainly targeted cars and garages and crossed county lines.

"Usually what we find if there is one vehicle broken into there will be a cluster of vehicles," explains Purcell, "so at that point deputies started checking the neighborhoods surrounding the areas. They checked Clays Crossing, Legacy Estates and Wind Haven and started finding vehicles sitting in driveways and parked on the street that had been broken into. It's also our understanding that the Lexington Police Department responded to north of the county line to some car break-ins as well."

The Jessamine County Sheriff's Office says they haven't made any arrests in any of the cases.

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