Spring forest fire season begins

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Spring fire season begins February 15th across the Bluegrass state. The Division of Forestry says arson is the leading cause of wildfires in the state. But with the wet weather we've been having, how will this season stack up to the rest?

Forest fires are a higher threat from Feb 15 to april 30th. That when it's illegal to burn anything near woods or brush land because conditions are more likely to lead to a fire getting quickly out of control.

Paul Finke, forest natural resource officer, says "They should be cognizant of their burning. If they're going to do some debris burning around their property there are state laws that prohibit them to burn during the day or within 150 feet of the woodlands."

We've had above average precipitation and that has helped ease the wildfire threat but officials say all it takes is a few days of mild temperatures, light winds, and dry conditions to make the leaves and branches dry out and become fuel for wildfires.

"We all remember some incidents where people were careless with a campfire and it doesn't take long for that fire to spread," says Finke.

To reduce the risk of fires always be aware of county burn bans. Also put the fire out if conditions become too windy

"People should stay with their fire until it's completely out and don't just walk away or go eat dinner or go to bed," Finke adds.

If you see acts of arson you should report it to the state police at 1-800-27 ARSON or division of forestry at 1-800-866-0555.

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