Spring makes a strong showing soon

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We took a hit, as far as temperatures are concerned, on Sunday. It still ended up being a pretty nice day! The positive... it gets better from here! The negative... it only lasts a couple of days!

Nothing to worry about on Monday as we'll see highs jump into the 60s. That will come with a mix of sun and clouds. The main thing will be the sunshine though. It's looking like a great start to the week.

Tuesday will likely finish even stronger with highs closing in on 70 degrees. That run at 70 will come as a potent system comes crashing across the country. The southerly winds from the disturbance will help the highs climb! At the same time, we'll notice winds becoming gusty late Tuesday night and especially into Wednesday.

As we have been saying for a few days now... WINTER ISN'T FINISHED YET! This system will bring rain and maybe even a few storms to the area. Temps crash on the back side and the rain transitions over to snow. Throw in some gusty winds and you have yourself a very cold run. Thursday morning will feature temps in the teens with single digit wind chill readings.

Have a great beginning of the week!

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