Spring snow falls on central Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's almost April, but you wouldn't know it by going outside.

Storms passed through Sunday and turned to snow overnight.

Early morning winds made driving through areas such as Nicholasville and Lexington difficult.

In Clark County, slick sidewalks made getting from point A to point B on foot tricky.

People we talked to are trying to keep a positive attitude about the unusual spring weather, even calling it "Sprinter."

"Well, it could be worse. If the good Lord sent it, who am I to complain?," says Bud Haggard. "When you get my age, you're just thankful to be able to get up and nothing hurts too bad so I'm grateful to get up each day."

Snow is expected to keep falling for most of the day. Road crews are on standby should streets get colder and cause the snow to start sticking.

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