Spring spells trouble for allergy sufferers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Spring is in the air, and that means allergies have come as well.

"It was certainly a late season to get started, but the trees are ready to go. I mean they're enjoying this weather as much as we are," says Dr. William Greisner, an Allergist.

But saying goodbye to Winter, means saying hello to cold-like symptoms for about one-third of the population.

"Patients are already coming in rather miserable," explains Dr. Greisner, "their noses real congested, their eyes are itchy and watery, their noses running. So Spring is clearly here."

Dr. Greisner says pollen counts are springing up already across Lexington.

"It's too early to tell what allergies will be particularly bad this season, but already tree pollen is making its presence known."

Dr. Greisner says there's already a lot of tree pollen in the air. He says typically, late Spring and early Summer is when grass pollen starts to pick up and weeds usually begin to pollinate in the Fall.

If you typically have problems with allergies, allergists suggest starting with preventative care.

"It is far better to get ready for the allergy than it is to wait until you're absolutely miserable."

If you're a frequent allergy sufferer, allergists recommend keeping your windows closed at night or while driving your car. After spending a lot of time outdoors, they suggest immediately removing your clothing and hopping in the shower, so you don't carry pollen around your home.

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