Spring storm socks Midwest, Deep South; 3 dead

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Several states are bracing for a second storm today on the heels of a powerful spring storm that unleashed tornadoes and heaped snow and ice on the Midwest. The first storm killed three people.

Forecasters say today's storm could bring 6 to 12 inches of snow to parts of eastern Montana, much of North Dakota, northern South Dakota and northern Minnesota.

The National Weather Service has confirmed the previous spring storm system spawned 12 tornadoes in six states in recent days.

Forecasters confirmed three tornadoes in Missouri, including two in the St. Louis area; three each in Arkansas and Alabama; and one each in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia.

Emergency officials said the storms unleashed tornadoes and winds strong enough to peel the roofs from homes in the Deep South and heaped snow and ice on the Midwest, leaving thousands without power.

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