Victim of stabbing still in critical condition, brother charged

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. A Central Kentucky woman is fighting for her life after being stabbed.

Richmond Police arrested Patrick Hamner and charged him with attempted murder in the attack, which happened on Friday. Hamner is the victim's brother.

According to police, Hamner showed up at his sister's home, but was asked to leave. A short time later, police say Hamner came back and forced his way inside, knocking his sister to the ground. At that point, police tell WKYT that Hamner stabbed his sister repeatedly with a pocket knife and a screwdriver. The victim suffered approximately 20 stab wounds to the face, hand, head, neck, lower abdomen and back. The victim is in critical condition at UK Hospital.

Patricia Brekke lives next to the victim, who she says is Billie Morgan. Brekke called 911 after hearing a loud noise next door Friday evening.

"It was against my wall, cause we live next door. I heard a big old thud like she fell down the steps. And I was sitting on my couch when it happened," said Brekke. She continued, "When she came out on the stretcher, I about cried. But I held it in the best I could. I was gonna try to talk to her, but I said no, it's not time to talk to her. I'll wait until Saturday to talk to her."

This is not the first time Hamner has been arrested for a violent crime.

Back in December, police charged him with criminal mischief after he caused extensive damage to a family member's home.

We learned then from police that he broke doors and windows, put holes in walls, and broke toilets. The house was so badly damaged that it couldn't be lived in.

Hamner is currently charged with attempted murder, burglary, menacing, terroristic threatening and resisting arrest.

The family has set up at The People's Bank in Madison County. If you wish to make a donation to help with care you can do it under Billie Morgan.

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