Stanford police warn of counterfeit cash in several counties

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Pam Wilson was checking the cash deposits at Eagle Runs Sales and Storage when she noticed something funny about a $20 bill.

"I discovered the bills just felt a little different. So we came up here and marked it and it turned black," Wilson said Thursday from the Danville Street business.

In fact, that's how most businesses in town are checking almost every bill they collect.

"If the paper isn't the real paper it turns the real dark black color," Wilson said.

Since late May police in Stanford say they've collected nearly $300 in bogus bills.

"The banks say they were receiving ones, fives, 10's and 20's. More people use the $20 bills," Wilson said.

Police say the marker test is an easy way to test money. They also encourage people to hold the $ 20 bills up to light and look for certain markings.

"They'll find a watermark portrait to the right that they cannot reproduce, and a security mark to the left of the portrait," said Stanford Police Captain Barry Allen.

Police also say legitimate bills will have very shiny gold denomination numbers on the bottom right corners.

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