Starved dog left at Mason County animal shelter

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The Mason County Animal Shelter is used to finding dogs and cats that have been left here, but one particular drop off called for extra help.

"It's a starved dog that someone put in there that was starved to death," says Roger Mullikin, Mason County dog warden.

Mullikin came into work Monday morning and found a severely malnourished dog behind the shelter. It wasn't left in the usual spot where people drop off dogs and cats, and he believes that was for a reason.

The chihuahua and terrier mix was starved to the point that all you could see was just skin and bones. But ironically, it was left with a can of food.

Although it was friendly and playful, the dog's condition called for extra help. A group called Arrow Fund brought the dog to Louisville to nurse it back to health.

"This is about as bad as you get without getting ready to start to die," says Dr. Scott Rizzo, Bluepearl Veterinary Partners.

Of course there's no way to tell who dropped the dog off. Mullikin says he's seen cases like this before, but he never understands why.

"You don't starve an animal, you know, you just don't do it. It's not right. You don't starve a human, you shouldn't starve a dog," says Mullikan.

Once the dog is healthy again, the group out of Louisville will adopt it out to a loving home.

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