Kentucky State Police charge pharmacist with stealing more than 11,000 pills

CAMPTON, Ky. (WKYT) - According to court records it was an addiction that led to a pharmacist being charged with the theft or more than 11,000 pain pills.

In May Kentucky State Police were called by the owner of Campton Discount Drugs.

"It appeared as they were going through the inventory, the inventory was obviously coming up short," said Trooper Joe Veeneman with KSP.

The owner used surveillance video to try to determine where those pills were going. Police say that video showed one of his pharmacists, 62-year-old Steven Mallory of Stanton, was taking lortabs from the pharmacy's supply.

"The owner of the company then spoke with him and he actually stated to the owner that yes he had taken (the pills)," Veeneman said.

Mallory was arrested on October 10 and taken to Three Forks Regional Jail before being released on his own recognizance. According to his court record he surrendered his pharmacist's license and is receiving treatment. Despite the high volume of pills police don't believe they were meant for anyone else.

"It was determined the medicine he was taking was for personal use, not for trafficking purposes," Veeneman said.

Mallory is charged with two counts of theft of a controlled substance.

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