Owners of 22 horses found on Bath Co. farm come forward

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BATH COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say they now know who owns 22 horses that showed up at a state police sergeant's farm in Bath County.

On Thursday night, state police say the owners of the horses came forward, and identified them.

The owners told police the horses got loose because of some damage caused by a recent storm. Police say the horses will be returned to the owners on Friday.

Kentucky State Police Sergeant Jim Bowling says the horses showed up Christmas night in the front yard of his Bath County home.

"I got a phone call from one of the neighbors who told me 'You've got horses running all over your front yard!' I told her she'd been drinking too much eggnog!" exclaimed Bowling.

But it turned out, she was right.

"I don't know what to do with 22 horses," said Bowling.

Bowling owns a cattle farm, so he was able to put the horses in a nearby paddock and he's got enough food to take care of them for a while. His family is enjoying their new guests.

"My oldest daughter wants to get our horse broke. She wanted to start riding sometime after the weather warmed up. I told her we'd talk about it maybe in the spring and then I came home and there's 22 horses in the yard so I told her, you should have asked Santa Claus for cattle instead of horses!" said Bowling.

Bowling said he searched all along Highway 11 near his home, but couldn't find any sign of where the horses came from.

"The only way they can get to my yard is up the highway and I've been up and down the highway and I can't see any sign where they've been"
It's just kind of like they just appeared and I don't know where they came from," he said.

Bowling said it was obvious someone loved the horses.

"They're friendly. You can pet just about every one of them, so someone has taken care of them and sent some time with these horses. I don't have a clue where they came from," said Bowling.

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