State auditor announces release date for Fayette Co. school audit

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Public school audits are nothing new to the state auditor's office. But State Auditor Adam Edelen said his office's audit of Fayette County Public Schools has been different.

Edelen said, "This is something unique to Fayette County that we haven't seen in a whole lot of other places is how public the allegations have been which means we've got an obligation to make the findings very public."

The audit started in the Spring. Allegations from the Fayette County district budget director regarding the integrity of the budget process for Fayette County Public Schools. A budget shortfall of $20 million was announced by Superintendent Tom Shelton earlier in the year. The district budget director claimed it was budget mismanagement. Shelton claimed there was no mismanagement. "after seeing the allegations made, certainly disfunction on the school board, we had no choice but to conduct an examination," Edelen explained.

Edelen said he can't release details of the findings, but said the report should "clear the air" and point out specific areas for the school system that need immediate attention.

"It's important that people's reputations be restored if they're cleared. And it's important that people be held to account if there are findings that lead us to another conclusion," Edelen said.

The audit report is expected to be released in mid-September.

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