State cracks down on Lexington minors buying alcohol

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With classes back in session, the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is stepping up their patrol for underage buyers. Thursday night, they hit the streets and our cameras went along with them as they scouted out potential violations.

"A lot of children are going back to school, whether it be high school or college, and our focus has been around college towns during this time of the year to focus on preventing alcohol sales," explained Josh Crain of the A.B.C.

Crain said the A.B.C. goes to towns all over the state looking for many alcohol violations, but on this Thursday night they set up outside several stores near UK's campus waiting to see who was out to buy alcohol.

"Minors under 21 years of age are attempting to purchase alcohol. It's their first time away from home. A lot of them the availability of fake IDs on campus or on the internet have been wide spread," he said.

Early into the operation, many of the IDs checked were legitimate buys, but as the sun went down the number of violations went up. In just a short time, the agents found two minors trying to pass off fake IDs.

"There was something about the symmetry of her face that just didn't match," pointed out one agent.

More violations came later. After several hours, the agency found seven minors in possession of alcohol, four violations of people assisting minors in a purchase, and one unlawful transaction with a minor. The agents even found one person trying using a real ID that belonged to someone else, and they say they also caught two minors attempting to buy alcohol with no ID.

All of that and they say this is a slow night.

"By getting that, we're also not only preventing that individual from getting alcohol, we're preventing their friends who may be under 21 from getting alcohol," explained Crain, adding that it will still go a long way in stopping other crimes possible dangers that go with intoxication.

While the officers did find some underage buyers they say their goal is to find none at all, because that would imply everybody is keeping to the law.

They agency will continue working around several college towns around Kentucky. This year they say they will also be on the lookout during football season for minors with alcohol in and outside stadiums.

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