State emergency officials concerned about flood potential in eastern Kentucky

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - State emergency officials are keeping a close eye on the rain potential over the next few days. Officials say the ground is already full of water in some areas, particularly eastern Kentucky.

State emergency officials are concerned about downpours that could raise creeks and flood roadways. It would be especially damaging for some counties in the southeast that have been dealing with flooding issues all week.

Emergency crews in Knott County were put to work overnight. Ball Creek firefighters had to rescue several people off Highway 550 near Hindman.

Those crews also spent several hours clearing culverts to try and get flood waters to go down in that area.

Parts of Perry County faced even more problems. One family is worried that more rain will cause more landslides around their home.

A small slide on Monday in the Grapevine community caused their trailer to break from its foundation, slide down a hill and over a paved road.

"We kept hearing something like crack and pop up here and mom says she looks out the window sees Jim's trailer start rolling down the hill like that and everybody starts running outside," says a man who lives in the neighborhood.

Flash flooding also damaged some local businesses. The owner of Broken Spoke Lounge in downtown Hazard says water got into the building and left behind a muddy mess.

"We just had a torrential downpour and it just wouldn't quit and it just kept coming and in the back we only have one drain and it just started coming in the back door and we couldn't do anything with it and got four inches of water in the bar," says Don Haley, owner of Broken Spoke Lounge.

A church that was hit with flash flooding on Monday also got hit with a second round Wednesday night. There's no word yet on how much damage this round of flooding actually caused.

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